FSW Foundation

Academic Excellence

By offering students a full range of program and degree options, and a wide array of funding opportunities to help with paying for college, FSW recruits har-working and high-achieving students. FSW provides a liberal arts education that is focused on job placement. Once here, FSW works hard to provide a full college experience that creates well-rounded graduates.

  • FSW offers 5 Bachelor Degree Programs; 22 Associate Degree Programs; and 30 Certificate Programs
  • 93% of our graduates continue their education or are employed when leaving our school
  • Over 80% of FSW graduates stay right here in the five county area to benefit our economy and provide highly needed skills to our job market
  • We offer seven programs that boast 100% job placement rates
  • Five programs have 100% licensure pass rates
    • Graduates of FSW’s Dental Hygiene Program have had 100% pass rate on the National Board exam for over 20 years!
    • Graduates of FSW’s Radiologic Program have had 100% pass rate on the certification exam for the past 13 years!
  • 70% graduate DEBT FREE!

Support our Students

You can support FSW Students in many ways, including: